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Welcome to Earth Prime.

Earth Prime is a world devoid of costumed superheroes. In this world, the only knowledge of these remarkable people and their exploits comes from reading about them in comic books and watching allegedly fictional movies. However this wasn’t always the case. For a brief time Earth Prime had it’s very own hero; Superboy Prime. Unknown to the world, The Crisis altered Earth Prime’s memories and timeline. These days the majority of the population believes this too was merely a work of fiction. Today, the exploits of heroes are confined in the minds of Earth Prime’s residents to Comic books, Novels, and media. Including various journal based roleplays.

earth_zero is a bridge to one of these "roleplays":

Earth Zero is an Out of Character community where people calling themselves "roleplayers" come and post applications to “mun” characters of other Earths that they wish to associate with. It is also a place for releasing said characters, taking a break from the characters (commonly called a "hiatus") and for posting other media such as amusing screencaps, fanfiction, fanart, and general discussion of what is going on in the various mediums (comics, movies, animation, etc) that are associated with the heroes (and villains) of other worlds.

Earth Zero is also connected to a community dedicated to communications within the MDC world setting:

Since you're here reading this, we hope that it means you're considering joining the game. If you're here on accident well...perhaps you'd like to stay a while anyway. Either way, please enjoy your time here.

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