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Application post - The Maxx

The Maxx
Name: Q
Age: 29
OOC Journal: anarchicq
Contact info:
AIM: AnarchicQ
Email: AnarchicQ at

Character: The Maxx
Character Journal: i_am_the_maxx
Characters Age: mid 30s, perhaps
Hero or Villain: Hero
Series of Origin: The Maxx
Universe of Origin: Image/DC

Personality: Maxx has a good heart and he likes kids. He's a little bit lazy and
has a short temper. Often he's misunderstood, his big body can
intimidate people. He's slow, heavy, clumsy and not very smart.
Sometimes he narrates his actions and he becomes much more eloquent
when he's in the Outback. He likes cartoons and sitcoms.

Background: Very little is known about Maxx, even to himself! He's a homeless man
who believes himself to be a super-hero. He lives in a box in an
alley, or sometimes hangs out in underpasses...

(Here is his background for the Mods)

SPOILERS for The Maxx

Dave was a plumber who got down on his luck one day when he lost his
job. After struggling to keep a roof over his head, Dave wound up on
the streets. One day during a rain storm a young woman named Julie hit
him with her car. She stopped, and pulled Dave's unconscious body into
an alley where she covered him with trash. Julie fled the scene.
The alley however, was magical, a gateway into Julie's subconscious
fantasy world called The Outback. As Julie left, a lampshade she left
on Dave's head fused to his body, creating a purple super-hero-like
suit. When Dave regained consciousness, he forgot about his identity
of Dave and became The Maxx, Julie's protector and hero to his city.
Since he is part of Julie's psyche, sometimes he shifts between the
real world and the Outback. This is out of his control.

Sexuality: Hetero

Powers and/or Special Skills: The Maxx can shift between the real world and the fantasy world of Julie's called The Outback. He is very very strong, in the Outback he's a lot stronger than when he's in the real world. His middle fingers are long, bony claws which can stab and slash. When he is in the Outback, his body in the real world sometimes re-acts in tandem to his Outback self, but other times it goes catatonic. The only hint he receives that he's about to go into the Outback is a splitting headache and a 'chung' sound pounding in his ears.

Current Location: New York

Anything else we should know? The Maxx does not recall his past.

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