No ads but some important info!

So OBVIOUSLY; no advertising this week because we're preparring to move. Speaking of which! The communities are up at DW;

here and

When you're ready, find your character profiles in the Taken Character Page. Then copy the character bios and post them in the new OOC community on DW; Earth_Prime.

You can also use this as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning if you have multiple characters and decide which if any you want to leave behind.

Now this is important: Once you've reposted your bios to the new community I am going to change the settings from Open to Moderated on the MDC and Multimedia communities. So make sure you join them right away to save me the hassle of having to accept join requests from you guys.

I think that's everything. Once the bios are transferred I will update all the Taken Character page links and make an announcement that we can resume posting.

If anyoe has any questions don't be afraid to comment on this post. We'll be happy to answer them. :D


Move over?

So guys, I was thinking it might be a good idea to move over to Dreamwidth. Since that seems to be where all the rpers have gone. But I want to hear what we all have to say about it first. Moving accounts over there is pretty easy and they have an import function. Most of the work will be for me as I update all of the community links.

So any thoughts? Please comment. ^.^


(no subject)

So people, I've posted my ads a day late and a dollar short again. But they are there and we're still hopping to drag more souls into the MDC Verse! We should also get a few new posts going (if you guys don't mind ^.^||). If we're lucky maybe we can get more of the Avengers involved. The Justice Avengers Society shall LIVE!

And could you imagine if we got someone to play Super Soldier? Okay okay, enough with my delusions. Don't forget guys, if you don't know how to get hold of someone; maybe you have one type of messenger and they have another? You can always make a post here in Earth Zero. Just give a quick description in the subject like who you're tryinng to contact or what you're looking for.

Have I bothered you enough? I'll skedaddle off then. ^-^


(no subject)

Hey guys, I just did my promos for the week! And durring a tornado warning too >D But that should be over soon I hope. Our plots are moving a little slow, but that's alright as long as we're all still here and having a good time right? ^.^ Either way, it's getting a little late now so I'll see you all in-game!

Riddle me this

MDC Riddler Application

Name: Jem
Age: 20
OOC Journal: raven_jem
Contact info: (that's e-mail and im)

Requested Character: The Riddler/Edward Nigma
Character Journal: eddienigma
Character's Age: 38
Hero or Villain: Hero (neutral)
Series of Origin: Batman
Universe of Origin: DC
Personality: Eccentric, arrogant, and obsessive-compulsive, Edward Nigma is highly intelligent and an incorrigible cheater. Though he's currently trying to reform, he retains his love of puzzles and riddles. He can be somewhat of a coward and insensitive to the moods of others, which when combined with his general untrustworthiness means he has few friends. He can be surprisingly loyal (and perhaps too clingy) to those few friends he does have, however.
Background: I don't think Riddler's had an official first appearance in the New 52, and I'm pretending that green question mark mohawk guy seen on one of the covers is a henchman. So, I'm using his canon from before.
Sexuality: bisexual
Powers and/or Special Skills: Genius-level intellect, but don't say that to his face. He has rudimentary skills in hand-to-hand combat, so he avoids physical conflicts. He's a computer whiz, competent hacker, and ingenious gadgeteer. Also, he can tango like a boss, not that it ever did him any good against Batman.
Current Location: Gotham City
Anything else we should know? Since Eddie was around months ago, before real life made me stop rping, I'm going to excuse his absence by saying that one of his cases took a dangerous turn and he had lie low for a while. When he returns, he'll be focused on restarting his detective agency.


(no subject)

So I totally forgot to advertise yesterday but you know what...TODAY I SEE THE AVENGERS WITH SKER AT MIDNIGHT! >D

Is anyone else planning to see the movie? I'm super excited about it.


Recruitment Wednesday

Posted my ads again!

Also, I'd like to welcome Midnighter (kj) to the rp! So...welcome >D

We're doing some interesting things right now in the MDC verse. Cindy and Oracle are getting ready to break out of Strangefates house, but what will they do without Iron Man's intellect to aid them? And in New York Powergirl and Purple Haze are getting used to each other slowly but surely. In Gotham, Ghost Rider is filling the hole left by Batman's absense, the Joker is on the loose again, and the mysterious thief called Zephyr has made her first reappearance since that fateful day years ago. And where are Batwoman and Rainmaker right now? They seem to be out of action lately but perhaps they'll resurface soon.

Until next week, see you all in-game :D


MDC - Midnighter

Name: kj
Age: 29
OOC Journal: none
Contact info: bruce . gothamsoul @ gmail . com
chicago . bruce (aim)


Requested Character: Midnighter (civilian name, Lucas Trent)

Character Journal: midnighterknows (IC journal)

Characters Age: 40sih

Hero or Villain: non-traditional hero. Has no problem killing people. In fact, rather enjoys it.

Series of Origin: The Authority, Midnighter, Dreamwar (DCxWildstorm crossover series).

Universe of Origin: Wildstorm Publications (branch of DCU)

Personality: B.A.M.F. Midnighter will kill all and everything, except for children (aside from one canon exception). He's not a team player, despite being apart of a "hero" team. The only person able to temper him is Apollo, but even that is rare. The happy couple have been known to have their share of fights. But Midnighter isn't interested in making friends, hanging out and drinking. He doesn't care about cultural activities or researching something new. His only real interest or hobby is to maim, torture and kill. It's what he was made for. Other then Apollo, it's his own version of pursuit of happiness.

Background: I am paying Midnighter as pre New 52, as the reintroduction of him in the new Stormwatch series has yet to provide enough useable canon to play with.

Sexuality: Homosexual. Apollo is his partner in every sense.

Powers and/or Special Skills: please see "Skills & Abilities"

Current Location: Unknown. Anywhere. Nowhere.

Anything else we should know? Midnighter is extremely confident due to his ability to see the end of any fight before it even starts. This makes threading fights or violence with him very difficult and sensitive. I have no interest in godding and very respectful of fair play and allowing other characters to safe face, but Midnighter knows the winning path each and every time. Even with someone as chaotic and unpredictable as The Joker or Deadpool, Midnighter knows what's going to happen, even if the other character in question does not. Therefore threading fights or other forms of violence with Midnighter will require a great deal of OOC communication. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

(no subject)

Hey guys! Did my advertisements for the week and hopefull we'll keep bringing in awesome new people to play with!

Also if you've got characters you're looking for you might want to think about posting in comicsrpwantads. Their userinfo says they're all about finding castmates and enabling and such so it couldn't hurt right?

Also, we've got some big things going on here as Caitlin takes another prisoner! First it was Access, then Colossus, and now Iron Man as been stolen away to the secret lair of the Mysterious Dr. Strangefate! What happens now is anyones guess!

Until next time; I'll see you all in-game :D

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