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May. 17th, 2012 | 11:14 pm
posted by: mdc_mods in earth_zero

So people, I've posted my ads a day late and a dollar short again. But they are there and we're still hopping to drag more souls into the MDC Verse! We should also get a few new posts going (if you guys don't mind ^.^||). If we're lucky maybe we can get more of the Avengers involved. The Justice Avengers Society shall LIVE!

And could you imagine if we got someone to play Super Soldier? Okay okay, enough with my delusions. Don't forget guys, if you don't know how to get hold of someone; maybe you have one type of messenger and they have another? You can always make a post here in Earth Zero. Just give a quick description in the subject like who you're tryinng to contact or what you're looking for.

Have I bothered you enough? I'll skedaddle off then. ^-^


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