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Recruitment Wednesday

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Apr. 25th, 2012 | 03:05 pm
posted by: mdc_mods in earth_zero

Posted my ads again!

Also, I'd like to welcome Midnighter (kj) to the rp! So...welcome >D

We're doing some interesting things right now in the MDC verse. Cindy and Oracle are getting ready to break out of Strangefates house, but what will they do without Iron Man's intellect to aid them? And in New York Powergirl and Purple Haze are getting used to each other slowly but surely. In Gotham, Ghost Rider is filling the hole left by Batman's absense, the Joker is on the loose again, and the mysterious thief called Zephyr has made her first reappearance since that fateful day years ago. And where are Batwoman and Rainmaker right now? They seem to be out of action lately but perhaps they'll resurface soon.

Until next week, see you all in-game :D


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